How to Make Money Blogging

“Social media is now a business. If you don’t think it’s a business, you’re deluding yourself.” – Essena O’Neill’s who is an Australian model and teenage blogger who  has more than a million followers across Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Tumblr.

Here an example of how companies will email you with dot points of what you should say, with the times of day to post, with what you should do in the photo, how you should hold the product or where you should have it in the background.

Companies know the power of social media and they are exploiting it.


With 33,000-plus followers on Instagram, the UK blogger can charge about $2000 for a single post to Instagram and up to $10,700 for bigger projects with brands such as H&M and Armani Exchange.

This era of social media is all about business. using people that have an influence on the public, such as people with millions of followers have an influence. Celebrities both local and global have an influence on all their followers and companies notice that. Companies are noticing the influence these people have. The celebrities such as the Kardashians (pictured above) are who is shaping this generation. Companies such as fit tea are seeing the power they have and are using them to advertise their product so their followers will think that they really use it and hope that the followers of these celebrities will buy and use the product.



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