Why PR is my ‘perfect fit’

Growing up I was always getting in trouble in class for talking too much. My report cards would be sent home with notes from my teachers about how I was too talkative or disruptive in class.

I was also horrible at math. My whole life I’ve struggled to pass math classes, and I even had a tutor for most of my high school career.

My dad’s reaction? “Just make sure that when you grow up you get paid to talk and have a job that has nothing to do with math.” From that day forward I applied that quote to my everyday life.

Not only did I come to Central Washington University with my dad’s words of wisdom being replayed in my head, I also took my first communication class. I was always a good student that went to class, but I have never looked forward to a class the way I did with my first communication class.

From that day forward I knew I needed to be in the PR program because it capitalized on all of my strengths, and I was successful in that class. Being successful in class is important to me but I was laso relating and getting along really well with the people in my class so I was enjoying the class and that’s important to me.

I had found where I was meant to be and I couldn’t be more excited. When I went home and told my parents of my success in class and my excitement about finding the major I wanted to do they were incredibly supportive

My dad again had a perfect reaction for me; “that is the perfect fit for you”.

As I became a student in the major I did some research and on the business professionals in the field and the requirements to get a job. I created a LinkedIn profile (since a social media presence is important) and connected with the PR businesses to keep up on their news. I also connected with the professionals that were in the field of work I wanted to pursue and that worked for those firms.

I met with 3 different PR professionals, one worked for Amazon as a representative, the other for Webber Shandwick for crisis communication and the last one for Edelman as a technology PR representative. Three very different types of people with all kinds of different tips to get into the field of work and finding my ‘perfect fit’.

These meetings were not only eye opening but they were also an opportunity for me to really narrow down the type of PR I want to do and what kind of firm I want to work for.  I look forward to using my knowledge to overcome the challenges I will be faced with and the success I will be rewarded with.