PR in My Words

As a public relations major looking for jobs in the field, knowing the definition of public relations would be a good place to start.

The definition in 1982 the PRSA National Assembly adopted the following definition:

“Public relations helps an organization and its public’s adapt mutually to each other.”

Throughout the times it’s been around the definition of public relations is one that has been constantly changing, kind of like the words themselves.

So an updated definition was made by PRSA in 2011‒12, and their goal was to lead an international effort to modernize the definition of public relations, they came up with this definition:

“Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their public’s.”

This definition is one that I personally agree with since it covers all the bases of what a PR professional does. Not only is it simple but it emphasis the mutually beneficial relationships and that’s a huge part of this job. The relationships it refers to is how PR professionals bring together organizations with their stake holders which is what the public’s is referring to.

That’s the definition made by the Public Relations Society of America, but in my own words Public relations is a job that brings people together with other companies, stakeholders, and the public. The job of a PR professional in my opinion is one that connects people.

Through social media outlets, press releases, or skills in website building we educate our public about what the company we work for is and what they do. Yes, the relationship can be mutually beneficial like PRSA said, but in the end I think the main focus is the company and what the public thinks of it.

The company you work for can be a candidate, a corporation, or even a person, the list is really endless. Either way encouraging positive social responsibilities such as community outreach and creating or remaining a positive brand name is what a PR pro does for their client.

Personally I hope to work in house with a large brand name such as Amazon or Nike in their PR department. Working in house with a company will mean writing press releases and helping run their social media and helping the company reach out to their public as positively as possible.

*All quotes and statistics are from Public Relations Society of America official website*


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