A College Students Dream Study Session


For a college student if you can find a quiet corner to study in, consider yourself lucky. But one that also has food?! That’s unheard of. Thanks to Iron Horse Brewery I was able to experience enjoying a study session in a nice secluded area, but then got served food and drinks at the same time! (Pretty cool right?!)

Walking in I would have never known the study room was there because it’s so secluded and separated from the front. It’s located in the back of the place. I wasn’t the only one that thought that either, if it wasn’t for being told about it, none of us would have known it was there.

The lighting was mood setting, but it was bright enough to be able to do homework in. They had some hip hop playing and there was one point when they played Bruno Mars. I’m one that likes to listen to music while I do homework, it helps me focus, so that was a bonus that it wasn’t completely silent in there.

Sadly I’m not 21, but they had this super cool student deal going where they charged $5 for a dish and a beer. So to ease the pain I ordered a mac ‘n’ cheese and I think that’s the best decision I had made all day.

A secluded room, enjoyable music, and food and drinks… This is only a college students dream! I have definitely found my new study spot. Once I tell all my friends they will definitely agree with me.

All in all I had a very positive experience there and now that I know it exists I will definitely be going more often and telling all my friends about it! I’m just excited to go when I’m 21 because then I can take part in that awesome student deal they had going on.


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